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  • Chartwell Tachochart Lucas DS/AT CK801/1101 (100 Pack) CK801/1101G

    Code: CHCK80111
    Pack size: Each

    EC approved discs provide a superior trace for easier analysis Up to three vehicle changes can be accommodated Reverse side allows for handwritten entries to be made in the event of malfunction of recording equipment Kienzle combined manual and automatic disc for use with Kienzle instruments Packed 100
  • Chartwell Vehicle Defect Report Pad CVDR1

    Code: CHCVDR1
    Pack size: Each

    Pre-numbered report pad to be used as and when a defect occurs 25 reports in duplicate (50 leaves) Size: A5
  • Premier Rolls for Digital Tachograph 57mmx9.5m (3 Pack) TACOROLL

    Code: RE06298
    Pack size: PK3

    Digital Tachograph Rolls. Fully EEC approved rolls (E1/E2/E3/E5) for use with all digital tachograph machines. Size - 57mm x 9m.
  • Wallace Cameron Vehicle First Aid Kit Pouch 1020106

    Code: WAC10851
    Pack size: Each

    Handy sized vehicle first aid kit. Contains the recommended first aid components for travelling employees. Additional contents include eyewash, extra plasters and micro porous dressing tape. Supplied in a pouch."
  • Wallace Cameron Vivo Car First Aid Kit 1020158

    Code: WAC13089
    Pack size: Each

    Car First Aid Kit. Contains the HSE recommended first aid components for employees travelling from their office, with additional content. Can be secured with fitting bracket (supplied)."
  • Wheel Chock Moulded Rubber Black 330114

    Code: SBY13705
    Pack size: Each

    Ensures safe and secure parking of all vehicles. Safety grip for maximum adhesion between wheel and chock. Rubber. Suitable for restraining a 40ft container lorry. Dimensions: L270 x W190 x H190mm.